mentoring packages for coaches

Are you a newish coach or a more experienced coach who is looking to uplevel your mindset so that you can uplevel your business?  Maybe you have Imposter Syndrome and it is stopping you from putting yourself out there and achieving the success you are capable of. JoJo offers a variety of monthly mentoring packages to help with your mindset and your business development. Prices start from £500 per month.


Breakthrough programmes 

Do you have big dreams but find that you are playing it small?  Are you stuck in stress, self-sabotage and self-doubt? Maybe you find that you are procrastinating on the most important activities that are going to grow your business? It could be that you are feeling paralysed because you are unsure if you are on the right path?  Or maybe you have simply lost your mojo? Book either a one-off session with JoJo or our breakthrough package and let's get you on track to great alignment and a feeling of success, a zest for life and unstoppable motivation. 

1-2-1 Power Breakthrough Session (approx 2-3 hours) includes 30 minute follow up - £497.00



Do you have a successful business but know that you still have patterns that are keeping you in stress, self doubt and self sabotage? What would it mean to you financially and emotionally to break through the barriers that stop you from achieving your potential? 


Are you ready to do the deep and powerful inner work that leads to the biggest transformations?

As a busy person, would you be prepared to spend the next six weeks breaking through all your conscious and unconscious doubts and fears, the thoughts that you are not enough so that you can truly break free of mental stress? So you can enjoy the inner peace that comes from reconnecting to and stepping into your most powerful you.


What would that be worth to you?

Six Week VIP 1-2-1 Breakthrough Package

Book my breakthrough package - We start with a deep dive to clear life-long self-sabotage patterns and then work with me over six weeks to help you break through what is holding you back from achieving the next level of success in your life and business.  

Price £1697.00. Price includes a mixture of breakthrough calls, NLP, hypnosis and timeline therapy as well as messenger support between sessions.  JoJo works very intuitively based on what you need (which may be very different to what you think you need!). You'll also receive a personalised success blueprint hypnosis recording to reinforce your learning. An instalment package is also available. 

VIP weekend in spain

How would it feel to have 2 days spent completely on you?  During our VIP weekends, you travel to my home in the mountains in Spain where not only do we thoroughly spoil you, we work on all your 'stuff' in one day.  Each day is tailor-made to your specific needs. We breakthrough what has been holding you back from achieving the next level of success in your business. It's amazing how much clarity you can obtain in beautiful surroundings, away from normal distractions so that you can breathe. You'll learn tools and techniques that you can transform your ability to motivate yurself, push throught overwhelm and procrastination and leave you feeling alive, aligned and with an unstoppable level of self belief.

 Cost £2997 includes 1-hour preparation call ahead of your visit and one 30 minute follow up call afterwards.

NLP Practioner retreats

The key technology that I attribute my own feeling of being unstoppable to is Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

You may be a coach who is looking to add to your skills or someone who is interested in your own personal development. After running our NLP courses for several years we realised we wanted to run them in an immersive retreat format in small intimate groups so that you have lots of time to practice, for one on one support and to build your confidence. We have now found the perfect venue in beautiful Andalusia in Spain.

Edit:- Our NLP retreats are currently on hold, however we are running our NLP Practitioner Courses Online until the world opens up agin.


What is it like working with JoJo

What can I say? For me this has been nothing short of miraculous! This wonderfully talented lady has literally turned my thinking around in just 4 sessions! Wow! I’ve gone from feeling plagued with imposter syndrome, overwhelm, self doubt and utter confusion about my ability to teach and show up online to literally feeling like a Phoenix rising from the ashes!

I’m now raring to go, feeling motivated, feeling so much more confident and most importantly I’m really EXCITED about my business now! Jo realigned me and it FEELS SO GOOD!

Honestly if you are in a rut with your business or confused and questioning everything... go and see this lady!

Jo really knows her stuff! Every session we had her timekeeping was exceptional, she focused on what was needed and she delivered over and above what I expected!

I had the 1:1 coaching sessions course with Jo and I’d say if you are looking for a fast fix then this is definitely the way to go! The icing on the cake is that the sessions are recorded so I now have everything we spoke about as reference to turn to whenever I need it! Bonus!! Best money I’ve spent in a long time!

I can not recommend Jo highly enough! Absolutely amazing, and such a LOVELY LOVELY person too!

Thank you so much Jo! X

Sarah Gibb

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