Why building your business is like having a baby

How much fun are you having whilst building your business?

I have often heard that building a business is like having a baby - we do have to go through some pain and some pushing but the end result is so worth it.

So if you were pregnant, how could you enjoy those nine months more? Perhaps enjoying eating what you want, looking after your body by getting that last seat on a train, having baby showers with friends as you share about the exciting times to come, enjoying the lie-ins before things go crazy.

When you have fun, you increase your vibe, you attract your tribe. Everything seems easier. You engage your unconscious mind (the place where all the solutions, your creativity, your intuition and inner wisdom are). For me, it is that warm fuzzy feeling I have after one glass of wine (just one not two!) A tipsy giddiness about what is to come, the new friends, the new clients. The places you will be able to travel to. The lives you will impact. The time and location freedom you will have (now this bit might be a bit different from having a baby?)

Your family worry about you less and join in your excitement as you share your successes, your dreams and your goals in a way that involves them.

By having fun, you show your personality, your quirks, the spark that makes you you and as you grow in confidence you know, at a deep level, l that you really have no competition at all. There is just you, in all your glory.

In the last 16 years, my husband Tim, who is so laid back he is pretty much Rastafarian, has taught me so much about not taking things so seriously and just always seeing the bright side of life.

I know that if I look back through my life on my 80th birthday party, my memories will be full of smiles, good times and lots of laughter. Even during the tough times, the times when I thought my success was never going to happen.

Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP, says that 'if you are going to laugh about this at some point in the future, why not start now.'

Rex Maughan, the founder of a leading Network Marketing Company, says 'If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right'. I think they both have pretty good points.

What could you do tomorrow and onwards to have more fun in your business? Much love JoJo xx