Why booking time off could improve your productivity.

It's Selfie Saturday!

My business is aimed at helping entrepreneurial women and the main reason for that is that I can get into the heads of entrepreneurial women more than men because I am one!

One thing I know is that we are more alike than different. Just knowing this has really helped me in my life as I often thought I was the only one who was struggling and knowing I wasn't alone was strangely comforting.

These are some of the things that I see women struggle with:-

- We try to be perfect in all the different roles in our life which can lead to exhaustion.

-We think a lot and can get stuck in our conscious mind (hint this is not where the solution to our problems is!) and this can lead to exhaustion.

- We give, give, give to others and this can lead to exhaustion.

So my antidote to this is taking the weekend or at least one day a week to have fun! For me, Saturday's in particular is a day to relax, to enjoy quality time with your family and to encourage my fellow females to do the same!

Wouldn't you agree that your best ideas come to you in the shower/on a run/after a meditation? When we stop trying the solution to our problems they just pop into our head.

When I was working in the corporate world at a Sales and Marketing Manager running a team, I always used to notice how many amazing business ideas would pop into my head when I went out on sales calls especially during the drive. I needed to get away from my text, move away from the proximity from my current situation and stop thinking so much!

We can be so much more productive when we are refreshed. Sadly there is often a preoccupation with being busy. Strangely I now find the more I commit to time off each week, the more I achieve.

So my challenge for you it to book some time off in your diary. And when I say time off I mean proper time off - turn off the phone, turn off Facebook and be really, really present with those that you love.

What do you think? Do you agree? Post your comments below and let me know how it felt to give yourself permission to have fun!