How about waking up with Dolly Parton tomorrow?

How do you wake up in the morning?

Do you have a buzzing or shrilling alarm clock that fills you with dread and an inner sense of gloom and doom every time you hear it?

Go out there and be amazing

(Which then gets snoozed and snoozed so you end up hearing that painful noise over and over again.)

Do you reach for your Facebook feed and find yourself scrolling and scrolling losing precious minutes of your precious life comparing yourself to others lives that they have shared in between their time scrolling?

Do you switch on the news and feel your mood dampen as you embrace the fear of what is going on in the world?

And is your first thought one of all the stress you feel and things you have to do in the day.

I am such a big believer in the power of words that I am pretty sure even reading the start of this blog will have, more than likely, made you feel pretty crappy!

How about painting this picture?

Imagine waking up to your favourite feel good song which triggers feelings of joy and an unstoppable desire to get moving! (Mine is currently Islands in the Stream by my best friend Dolly.👊)

Imagine having left your phone outside of your bedroom so your first action of the day could be giving your pets, your loved ones, yourself a big cuddle and then setting your intention for the day you want to have. Seeing yourself living joyfully, mindfully, compassionately.

Instead of switching on the news, you put on your favourite Spotify playlist of songs which lift you up and get you dancing around your kitchen.

What if you took some time to remember what you are grateful for, thinking of all the things you 'get' to do and know that everything else is figureoutable...

I know the irony of me having picked up my phone first thing to have written this but that was after my Dolly dance!

So how are you going to fill that gap? How do you start your mornings?

Have a gorgeous day everyone!

#livethislife #mindthegap