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March 25, 2018

Just seen on my timeline it was no make up selfie day four years ago so...


Early morning selfie from

Madrid Airport - four hours sleep, no make up and I am full of beans!


In the last two weeks I have travelled to London, Coventry, Málaga, Barcelona, Madrid and Lanzarote and I am so loving it!


Three months now off the booze and I am super full of energy and I am really noticing the difference in my skin, my mood, my energy and my clarity.


Aloe and lots of water and lots of tonic water is the way forward!


On my last day here with the girls I gave myself permission to drink and after two sips it just wouldn't go down!


I definitely think something has switched in my brain exactly as I felt when we went plant based with our nutrition.


Don't worry friends fun is still extremely high on my values list and I love seeing others relax with a drink. I would say life is so much more fun now. 🤔😁


Have an epic day everyone! After ten days without seeing Tim and the furbabies I will be offline for the rest of the day as we reconnect!


Hasta proxima!

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