Do you live a beautiful life?

Just over a year ago, my husband and I sold, gifted or gave away pretty much everything we own, our house, about a million coat hangers and overall 88 years of stuff!

We kept just the most beautiful things that made us feel amazing, including of course our wonderful pets and a big feeling of excitement mixed with a degree of trepidation.

We arrived on our big adventure to Spain, car packed to the brim with Jilly our dog and Tipsy our cat squeezed in.

We were nervous about leaving those that we love but super excited about the adventures ahead of us. As I take time to reflect a year later, I know this was the best decision we ever made.

We see our friends and family perhaps less often but when we do see them we create the most beautiful memories and don't take anything for granted.

We've built the most amazing relationship with each other. Working together, learning about each other, playing and laughing together every day. I know we have something very special and would never have guessed we could spend this much time together and grow stronger rather than annoying the hell out of each other!

We have both taken time to reflect on our purpose and mission and what we really want to do with our lives - the legacy we want to leave. So many people don't get or rather take the opportunity to do that. We both have such exciting plans for the future that fill us with joy.

Tim surprised himself and us all by completing his first ultra marathon in Lanzarote at 94k showing us all what is possible with some steely determination and a never give up attitude. We can't wait until his next one in May, 84k or two marathons back to back in Bali helping to raise enough money to put 100 children through school there.

It is a year since we started our plant based diet. It has given us amazing peace of mind, a renewed love of great food and thanks to Tim discovering his love and skill with cooking we've eaten better than ever before.

We lost Tipsy, our 12 year old cat 😢 but gained the most beautiful two new furbabies by rescuing Toby from a bin and Campiña from the middle of the countryside. If ever you feel down, turn to your pets who will give you the most incredible joy as they teach us how to be present and to have fun for funs sake.

Our puppy Campy in a tree

We have now completed over two months alcohol free which is amazing as alcohol was a big part of our life. I wake each day with more clarity, energy and aliveness and it is becoming a new addiction.

I am so so blessed and I can see that every pain and challenge in my life didn't happen to me, it very much happened for me. At 44, I commit to doing whatever I can to feel as alive as possible every day and helping other people to do the same.

If you are reading this to the end, first of all thank you 🙏🏼 and just try this on for an idea, from someone who has come out the other side (although still with lots of lessons to learn) live your life to the full, don't settle, heal your relationships, do that thing you've always been dreaming of and please just be kind. Kinder to yourself and to those who you surround yourself with. There is an amazing ripple effect with every act of kindness.

My wonderful husband and I live the most beautiful life. Whatever your definition of a beautiful life is, I wish that for you too.