Personal coaching retreats in andalucia, SPAIN

If you are tired, learn to rest not quit.

When you are building your own business it can be a massive undertaking. Often we end up working harder than we have ever worked before and being our own toughest bosses.  However, this does not help us work at our best. When we are tired, stressed and burnt out, we make bad decisions, we are not in touch with our creative brains and we can even damage our relationships.


That is why we have created our personalized self-love sanctuary retreats.  What if you were able to take just 48 hours just for you.  Where you are nurtured, fed gorgeous food, where you can spend time in beautiful surroundings, have time for you and receive personalised coaching to help you connect with yourself at a deeper level and learn some great tips about the best ways to build a successful business at the same time as looking after you.  


Various dates are still available from in Sept and Oct 2019.  Contact us for more details and prices.




What's included

  • Two nights accommodation in our country villa in Andalusia, Southern Spain

  • Two delicious home cooked evening meals

  • Two gorgeous home cooked breakfasts

  • Two amazing home cooked lunches

  • Plenty of free time to just be

  • Time to learn a range of tools and techniques to help you create alignment and balance in your life

  • 2 x 1-2-1 coaching sessions with JoJo

  • 1 follow up coaching session

If you are someone who gives to others all the time, take some time to look after you. You deserve the love you give to so many others.




time to think

to be

and to recuperate