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Learn nlp in a supportive online group environment on our 12 week NLP Diploma Programme

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is one of the most powerful models of change in the field of self-development and coaching.


It offers a range of tools and techniques to help you not only get over your past, reduce worry and anxiety and heal relationships but also to help you improve your self-belief and confidence, improve how you communicate and learn the language and science of success as well as lots of ways to ensure you can become more successful and have the strategy and mindset to achieve the life of your dreams and so much more!


As a Coach or an aspiring Coach, NLP is an essential set of skills that will help you not only believe in yourself more but also really understand your clients on a deep level so that you can help them transform with ease, both quickly and responsibly.


I discovered NLP over twenty years ago when I was looking for ways to help my own self-confidence. I fell in love with NLP after the amazing personal results I achieved and trained in 2009 to become an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and then in 2012 studied to become a Trainers' Trainer so I could host my own NLP training courses.


We offer two opportunities to learn NLP.  Study to become a Certified Practitioner on one of our NLP Practitioner Retreats or if you would like to dip your toe into the water first, why not join our 12-week group programme we talk about on this page. 


We really believe that it can be difficult to understand NLP from an online course or a book - there can be a lot of jargon and the core of NLP is all about interacting with people! Book a chat today .

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it’s been a life changing experience as well - which I did not anticipate 💕

It’s by far been the highlight of my year! A wonderful experience 😊


Thank you for introducing me to, guiding me through, and being on this marvellous NLP adventure with me xx


What you can expect from our 12-week group coaching NLP diploma Course



- Two 45-minute 1-2-1 breakthrough sessions with JoJo. One at the start of programme and one at the end of the programme (worth £350.00).


- 12 weeks of online group coaching via Zoom (max 12 per group).


- Recordings of all sessions for future reference or if you can't attend a session live.


- Learn the key skills of NLP and authentic influence so you can stand out from the crowd without having to pay for or travel to a Practitioner Course.


-  Accountability - you will be part of an uplifting group of entrepreneurs/like-minded go-getters who are invested in your success and are there to bounce ideas off/collaborate with.


- Buddy system so that you can practice your skills and gain confidence in the power of NLP.


- Private online VIP content lounge with new content added regularly.


- Lifetime access to our 'Breakthrough your Barriers' self-teach online self confidence course worth £497.00.


- 10% discount on all our other coaching programmes, our workshops and retreats including our NLP Practitioner Courses.


- You are given ample time to absorb what you have learned, do additional reading, case studies and practice in between the group sessions.


- We use accelerated learning techniques which improve the effectiveness of the teaching making it suitable for all learning styles, even those who struggled at school.


- At the end of the course, you will feel a level of confidence to hit the ground running.


- We spend lots of time practising the NLP techniques on ourselves so that we can walk the walk as well as talk the talk!


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This course is suitable for you if:-

  • You are interested in your own personal development, learning all the tools you need to make your life amazing.

  • You are interested in making a massive difference in other people's lives.

  • You are a coach, counsellor, mentor or teacher - who would like an extra tool in your box and more confidence in your skills

  • You are a business person who would like to learn NLP techniques to stand out as a leader with impact and influence, clarify your personal goals, increase your confidence in your roles, significantly improve your communication and rapport building skills and ultimately achieve more success.

  • You are looking for a new career - the coaching industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds in fact business coaching is cited as the second fastest growing industry in the world.

  • You would like to generate a generous extra income in addition to your main career.

  • You may have tried learning NLP from books or from purely online courses and still not get it so would like the accountability, support and interaction of a group programme.

  • You are unable to commit to a NLP Practitioner course at the moment but are really keen to discover the magic of NLP.


NLP changed my life and stopped me doing some very stupid things and I'd love to give something back. Even if I only help one person like you helped me Jo, I'd be incredibly happy and fulfilled!


  Dates of our next course

The next NLP Diploma course starts January 2019.


Do you still have questions? Book in for a free discovery session and let's find out if this programme is right for you.




£1997.00 or pay a deposit of £250 and three instalments of £599.00 (7th November 2018, 7th December 2018 and 7th January 2019) 


Reserve your space for £250.00.

Final payment is due 7th January 2018.


Book a discovery call today and we can see if this programme is right for you. 


Our next group programme starts on 7th January 2019



'This is a hugely enjoyable course and the learning felt effortless - thanks Jo!'


'Thank you so much for last night. I feel inspired in so many ways...'

Its been a wonderful session thank you so much Jo Jo xx


Thank you JoJo tonight was just the ticket xxxx


Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed the session.  Have a fabulous evening.


Jo Jo this couldn't have come at a better time for me


Thank you Jojo!! so helpful 💖💖xx


Lovely to spend time with you all ladies, thank you so so much JoJo, its been so amazing, I’ve loved it all.  Xxx