'What could happen in your business and your life if you got out of your own way?' 

Are you a high achieving professional who appears to have it all together on the outside, but you are held back from achieving your potential and enjoying what you do because you don't believe you're good enough? You may dream big but still play it small. Do you even have thoughts about giving it all up? Do you procrastinate? Feel overwhelmed? Feel like a fraud? It's time to stop this NOW!


What would happen if you got out of your way and learned the skills and mindset to take your business to a new level, to feel genuinely aligned in your life and stand out as a genuine, authentic leader in your field? Now is your time!

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Are you frustrated as you want to take your business or career to the next level but something is stopping you?


I'm Jo Jo. Since 2009, I’ve helped business leaders and entrepreneurs break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back from achieving their business goals.


I love working with ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs as you understand the importance of self-development and that we are always learning and growing.  After all, the most successful people in life will have a coach or mentor, whether in the world of sport, business or politics and coaching!


Just because we know about self-development and coaching, doesn't mean we always have the answers. Any pain you feel when growing your business, such as not feeling good enough, self-doubt and not feeling ready, I probably felt too.  I pushed through the pain, invested in my own personal development and success coaches and am now literally living my dream - coaching and training from anywhere I want (currently my beautiful home in Spain) and working the hours I want so that I have the calm, peaceful and fulfilled life I always craved. 


You can have this too! If you have big goals but you find you are sabotaging your success or maybe you just can't see yourself achieving your dreams, let me help you align yourself with what is really important in your life and learn the skills and mindset to really stand out as a true, purpose-driven leader in your field.

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A heart of gold and a soul of an angel, with skills and knowledge that will blow your socks off! JoJo is a life changer, one of most empowering human beings I have ever known. Very highly recommended!

Mirav Tarkka- International Self Defense Expert - Helping visionaries tap into their raw truth & unleash their inner power so that they can fearlessly conquer their goals


'Jo, I just want to thank you for the recent (and continuing) work you have done with me through both hypnotherapy and coaching, enabling many foggy paths to clear and for clarity to improve no end... with you, I see blue skies.'

The world needs you and your uniqueness


What if this was the beginning of everything you want?


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Client success stories

What My Clients Are Saying

"When I say working with Joanna has changed my life , this is spot on she is awesome and I can’t thank her enough. I feel empowered and confident to move forward with my life now."

Natalie Wilson

"A lady that puts her heart on the line time and time again to ensure that you go away feeling healed and read for your next step. Her smile says all you need to know. I will definitely be working with this angel again."

Gemma Evans

"JoJo has taught me so much. She's showed me how to recognise the patterns and how to break the chain to avoid self sabotage. I'm now growing a business where I can help others to believe in themselves and I recognise the change I can bring to my life too. I wouldn't be where I am now without Jo's help and guidance. Thank you, JoJo xx"

Jo Hill