Breakthrough programme

Do you have big dreams but find that you are playing it small?  Are you stuck? Do you find that you are procrastinating on what you need to do? Maybe you are feeling paralysed because you are unsure if you are on the right path?  Book either a one of session with JoJo or our four-session breakthrough package and let's get you on track to great alignment and a feeling of success and unstoppable motivation. 


Single Breakthrough Session (approx 90 minutes) includes 30 minute follow up - £350.00




90-minute initial breakthrough call + 3  x 60 minute 1-2-1 sessions and email support between sessions £1197.00

Relationship Coaching

Sometimes the best thing about being is business is the people we work with, sometimes it's the worst thing.  How we relate to those around us can often be the biggest thing holding us back and it can also be the biggest source of heartache. Maybe you have an unsupporting partner who is distracting you from your business.  Perhaps you have a difficult coworker. Maybe it is a close family member who continually presses your buttons. 


Book our four session package to learn how to breakthrough your relationship difficulties and have harmonious relationships so that you can concentrate on making your business a success and have more peace in your life.


Four session package - £997.00 includes our 30-day Ultimate Relationship online course and email support inbetween sessions.  

NLP Practioner retreats

The key technology that I attribute my own feeling of being unstoppable to is Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

You may be a coach who is looking to add to your skills or someone who is interested in your own personal development. After running our NLP courses for several years we realised we wanted to run them in an immersive retreat format in small intimate groups so that you have lots of time to practice, for one on one support and to build your confidence. We have now found the perfect venue in beautiful Andalusia in Spain.