Mind the Gap - coming Autumn 2022

My brand new book is almost here!

I am so excited to announce that my new book 'Mind the Gap - How to Form Deeper Connections in an often Disconnected World' is due for release in hard copy and on Kindle this Autumn 2022.  Sign up below to find out how you can receive an advance copy and get an exclusive invite to our launch party.

Launching autumn 2022

Why do more people feel lonely and separate from each other than ever before?

Mind The Gap addresses the situation so many of us live with every day. In some ways we are more connected but in other ways we are more isolated than ever.  We spend our lives comparing our lives to others' online personas. Relationships break down because of a miscommunicated Facebook status.  Jo addresses these issues head on and gives us tools and strategies to form old fashioned relationships, to heal past hurts and to improve what is probably the most important connection - the one with ourselves.

You will love this book if you are in a career or business where the better you relate to people, the more successful you will be.  

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'I am so grateful for this book Jo, it has really opened my eyes to how I am not connecting as well as I could to those that I love and given me some real tools that can make a difference straight away'

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"Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued - when they can give and receive without judgement" - Brene Brown

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